My New Book - Brew In A Bag

My New Book – Brew In A Bag

I’ve written a book!

If you can make soup, you can brew fantastic craft beer at home. Fact.

Aimed at the novice brewer this is a step-by-step beginner’s guide to brewing delicious all-grain craft beer at home using equipment you’ll probably have lying around the kitchen already.

Chapters include:
1. Introduction
2. How to Brew Beer
3. Basic Equipment for Brew In A Bag
4. Ingredients
5. Sanitisation made easy
6. Step by Step Brewday
7. Fermenting and conditioning
8. Bottle or Keg?
9. Understanding brew recipes
10. Recipes
11. Brewing Resources


Price is £5 for paperback or £2 for Kindle version.

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Brew in a Bag: Make AWESOME All-Grain Beer At Home


Here are some reviews I have received:

5.0 out of 5 stars Good little read 3 Nov 2013
By M. Ellis – Published on
Good guide that is worth the price. Good read for people looking into this option for home brewing. I was thinking about this option and it laid out all the steps for the guy that is ready to make the transition to all grain.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect for those who just want to get it done 23 Aug 2013
By E. Tillema – Published on
I like this book a lot. I think it will be great for folks who want to make home brew from scratch, grains, water,yeast and hops without delving into the science of brewing. Homesteaders, do it yourself, frugal folks, back to earth, guys! , people who get turned off buying a kit, and anyone who wants to make beer without lots of fuss. Good beer, real beer. Anyhow, the books directs the reader on how to make a big pot of beer. It’s probably a lot for someone who never has brewed an extract kit to absorb but designed to easily guide the reader through the technique of brew in a bag which makes use of an all grain method of beer. There is plenty to read on the World Wide Web on the subject but if you want to just do it without lots of fuss, on the minimum than this is a good book to get. I enjoyed the way the author describes the different beer varieties. There is probably a recipe for your taste included.
5.0 out of 5 stars Great! 15 Oct 2013
By Walter Henry – Published on