Some Excellent Brewing Resources


Basic Brewing Radio – I’ve listened to James Spencer’s podcasts for several years. They’ve taught me everything I know about brewing as well as inspired me to brew more!

The Homebrew Forum – Very friendly and helpful UK based forum that welcomes absolute beginners through to advanced brewers

Beersmith – excellent homebrewing software to design beer with an online ‘cloud’ facility to share recipes with others as well as run from your ipad or iphone.

Cooper Workshop – Source for the excellent scotch whisky barrel oak chips

The Malt Miller - Online site where I buy all my beer ingredients

Let Me Tell You About Beer – Great beer blog from Melissa Cole



Homebrew Books

Brewing Classic Styles – Jamil Zainasheff & John Palmer run through 80 classic styles of beer and give an example recipes how to brew each one

Brew Your Own British Real Ale – A solid, practical guide by Graham Wheeler covering methods, equipment and giving around 100 recipes

How To Brew – John Palmer’s guide to everything you need to know to brew beer.

Clone Brews – Tess & Mark Szamatulski offer up recipes for over 200 commercial beers covering virtually every beer style under the planet.

Radical Brewing – Randy Mosher delves into crazy, exotic and sometimes wacky beers, beer history and beer ingredients. Great fun

The Complete Joy of Homebrewing

Designing Great Beers -

An Enthusiast’s Guide to Homebrew Beers -

Brew Your Own Magazine – US based and a little pricey to import but luckily you can download on the iPad!



I’d love to get feedback on this guide and hear how your brewday went.

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